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How to Become DXN Member?


In order to become DXN member he/she has to register with DXN

1. Registration can be made through

  • DXN Head office
  • Stockists
  • Other DXN Distributors
  • DXN e-World System. Click at link here

2. Application for Distributionship

  1. All applicants must fill in the Distributorship Application Form.

  2. The Distributorship Application Form can be obtained from the DXN head office, the stockists or the distributors.

  3. Applicants are required to read completely the Rules and Regulations on Ethics for DXN Distributors and agree to abide by these rules and regulations before filling in the form.

  4. Completed forms can be submitted to the stockists, the branches or the main office where a cash bill and an identification card (ID) will be issued immediately.

  5. Application for life distributorship must be approved by DXN.

  6. Please keep you application form for future reference. You need to submit your original application form as required by Daehsan Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd., Also, any changes of sort pertaining to address, and other typographical errors must be supported with a copy of your application form.
3. Distributorship Categories

Application can be submitted under the following categories:
  1. A married couple is required to apply as joint distributors using one single distributorship code. If the company finds that a person registers as a DXN distributor after his / her spouse has done so, the later registration will be nullified or the entire group will be transferred to the earlier registration.

  2. A corporation cannot be accepted as a DXN distributor. However, if a distributor wishes to convert the status of his or her distributorship to one of private enterprise or partnership, a written approval from the company must be obtained first. If DXN approves this transfer, then any subsequent changes to the structure of the shareholding of the corporation, private enterprise or partnership must also be approved by DXN.
4. Registration Fee

* Registration fee are based on company price list or according to company policy.
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5. The DXN Business Kit

The DXN Starter Kit, business materials or other sales aid items are sold at cost: no service or franchising fee is involved. The price is strictly to offset the cost incurred on DXN in the production and distribution of these marketing tools and materials. No commissions will be paid upon purchase of the starter kit, business materials or sales aid items. Distributors may purchase additional kits to resell to new recruits. The DXN Starter Kit may not be resold for profit.

6. Age Limit

Distributorship is open to anyone above 18 years old.